Wednesday, July 16, 2014


Life proceeds by regeneration. In a generative self-sustaining process. The 'source image' used to create this particular abstract painting is much the same. It's not something you could take a picture of with a camera in the real world, or download off the web. It was generated within a gallery show generative image synthesis process that keeps recycling the last gallery show cycle processed output frame back into the source area, to then be used as the new source image for the next gallery show cycle.  I was 205 cycles into the free running gallery show when this one showed up.

I started with a random image chosen from a folder of old jazz festival poster art. I manually placed that in the canvas, and then started up gallery show. Saving each gallery show output cycle into an open image stream (with the appropriate write on gallery show cycle stream flag turned on).  I was using the mutate factory paint gallery show technique. Along with source image derived selection masks auto-generated from randomly mutating mask generation techniques used to auto mask each gallery show main technique process when it's rendered into the canvas.

I had the gallery show option that derives color palettes and color memory settings automatically from the current source image turned on as well. So any paint presets that work off of color palettes or color memories were using those automatically derived color palettes.

Not as critical in this particular experiment, but i mention it because it's a really useful feature when working with randomized vectorizer based gallery show techniques, since so many vectorizer output coloring options are derived from the current source color palette or color memories. I kept wondering why blue was coming up so often during some of my recent gallery show experiments, and then i realized the source color memories were all set to blue. So now you can choose whether you want them to stay static or randomize in some way as a part of your gallery show preferences.

It would be interesting to build some animated movies based on the complete series of images that get created over time by one of these gallery show generative image creation processes. Hopefully i can find some time to try that out soon. Studio Artist V5 has new PASeq Transition Context features, so that's what i'll probably use to do it when i do get around to trying it out.

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