Tuesday, July 22, 2014

So You Think You Can Dance

Created while watching 'So You Think You Can Dance' on Hulu by working with Studio Artist automatically running gallery show on a retina mac book pro. I've turned this whole automatic art generation process into a regular part of my late evening normal life. When my wife and i are relaxing watching a little tv or a movie, i setup Studio Artist to run gallery show experiments automatically on a mac book that sits on a little tea table in front of me. So i can watch what it's doing at the same time i'm watching the tv.

I setup gallery show so that it streams the complete cycle output into an open image stream. And i record everything it does in a history sequence, which i also save when the evening is done. So then i can cull through all of those images at some later date. If i see something truly awesome happen in real time, i might manually save that canvas while gallery show is running, which you are free to do.

Depending on how successfully you set your particular gallery show preference settings for a given GS run, you might get a higher or lower percentage of keeper images from that specific generative process. And it's great for testing purposes for someone like me, because randomly mutating different aspects of the program is a great way to hunt down obscure bugs associated with parameter settings no sane person would ever attempt. It's like stress testing every hidden feature of the program in ways no human might ever manually come up with. Although some times those crazy parameter settings lead to fascinating visual results. So maybe they aren't so crazy, just hidden knowledge brought to light.

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