Saturday, July 5, 2014

Alabama Blues

Homage to the place of my birth. Little know fact that i'm actually a southern boy, although i was never there long enough to have any real memories of the place. But who knows what dark hidden part of dixie lurks in my sub conscious.

I'm on a serious roll with pushing the envelope of what gallery show is capable of doing. Running new experiments every night. As i keep mentioning, we're barely scratching the surface of what this particular Studio Artist feature is capable of achieving. I hope others will join me in these explorations.

So how was this image made using gallery show. We're using a mutate factory PASeq technique. We're using Surprise Me auto masking. We're using custom preset folders for start cycle and end cycle processing.  We're using random sequencing through a folder of specifically selected source images with particular thematic relationships.
How it all works together over time as the gallery show cycles evolve is the real magic. You build a custom generative process and then let it do it's magic over time.

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