Saturday, July 12, 2014


Why are scarecrows scary? This one has an interesting story associated with it.

This one was created using Studio Artist's gallery show feature working in a pretty fascinating new way. I added a new feature where you can take the output of the previous gallery show cycle and then auto-load that as the new source image to be used for the next gallery show cycle.

So this particular image actually started with a news photo picture of Larry Ellison standing on a stage that i manually placed in the canvas as a starting image. Then i started up gallery show with this new processed canvas to source recirculation feature turned on. So at the end of each gallery show cycle, the resulting painted image was then loaded as a new source to be used for painting the next gallery show cycle. I was also using a mutate factory paint gallery show technique. With mutating auto-masking based on the ever changing recirculating source imagery. And my custom water wash paint preset favorites folder i like to use for the start cycle processing.

I think the end result of this procedural image generation process is fascinating. And again barely scratches the surface of what you could achieve by working with it. Now as to why that scare crow is scary...

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