Friday, July 18, 2014


A screen capture from one of the more recent nightly gallery show experiments. We were watching True Detective while it was being made, so maybe some of that creepiness bleed into the imagery being generated at the time.

The actual image was created via a free-running generative process. Where the output of one gallery show cycle is auto-loaded into the source area are to be used as the source for the next cycle of gallery show processing. The initial seed image manually placed in the canvas to start things off with some kind of real world source image was a random choice from a folder of old jazz poster art imagery i've been extensively playing with recently.

The gallery show technique used was mutate factory paint. I did have mutated auto-masking turned on, as well as random compositing of the gallery show output into the canvas, and random generation of source color palettes and color memories. And i was using a folder of wet wash paint presets for the start cycle processing. You can select # of repeats for start and end cycle processing now, so i used 2 repeats. This means a random preset from the start cycle favorites folder is chosen and applied to the canvas, then that same sequence of random steps is applied a second time. This happens before the main gallery show technique processing occurs in each gallery show cycle.

I kind of liked the abstract qualities of this particular image taken from the overall gallery show sequence. It's pretty far into the gallery show cycles, so the original source image has long since been abstracted into something radically different that could really be considered procedural in nature by this point in the overall process.

It reminded me of something like old graffiti paint on a warehouse wall in some narrow urban alley that had been washed away by rain or urban decay. So i guess it reminds me of my old south of market haunting grounds in San Francisco in some way. A soft side to the hard city. It was always there right in front of you in the textures of the intensely urban environment if you were willing to just open you eyes to see it.

Note to self, I guess i should consider adding mutation options for the start and end cycle gallery show processing as well. Maybe i can drop that in tomorrow morning as a new feature.

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