Thursday, July 31, 2014

Storage Locker of the Mind

As opposed to 'Coney Island of the Mind'. I used to frequent City Lights Books in San Francisco if that reference makes no sense at all to you.

The image was generate during a gallery show run. It's actually using the Oil Rig Pump imagery i've been playing with recently as randomly chosen gallery show source images. I've been extensively playing with self mutating gallery show techniques, and this was generated using that same overall process. So the image is generative, in the sense that it accumulates or builds up in the canvas over time. And each GS output cycle canvas (recorded into an open image stream) is modified by additional presets in the Current Favorites folder prior to applying a new mutated gallery show technique. One that is also auto masked with a mutating auto-generated mask created from the current source image for that gallery show cycle.

I've been thinking we maybe need to allow for 2 different source image folders to be used in gallery show processes, to increase the level of fun (or craziness) one can achieve by working with gallery show. Again, i feel like we're all just scratching the surface of what can be achieved by this one Studio Artist feature.

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